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@artus9033, Artur Morys - Magiera

I'm an engineer, a React Native & React developer also with full-stack and low-level experience specializing in mobile, cross-platform and web development. Aside from the former technologies I also take particular interest in automation, robotics and deep learning, which are my primary areas of research that are also accompanied by published articles.

Secondly, I fulfill myself as an intern didactic classes assistant at the AGH UST and carry out research experimenting with robotics, machine learning and computer vision algorithms, especially applied to automotive applications such as autonomous driving. With the team at the AGH UST scientific group Integra, we developed the F1TENTH autonomous racing car and already have some international-level successes - see more on the achievements page. I am also working with the DuckieTown platform and vision algorithms for localization of robots with multiple cameras at minimum configuration.

Some random keywords I especially like: cross-platform apps, react-native, react, ROS, Python, Rust, C/C++, ORM, Java, Kotlin, Swift, machine learning, strong typing, formal grammars, Anltr, hardware-accelerated computing, FPGA, microcontrollers, autonomous robots.

Since examples speak better than words, if You represent an entity that I gave access to my portfolio, please view it here with Your access code. Otherwise, in case You are still interested, please reach me out via email. In other cases, You can still view my open-source projects here.

If you just want to entertain yourself 🎮, you might want to take a look at my WebGL Game of Life implementation in React with declarative Three.js scene definition in JSX, WASM logic implemented in Rust and (amateur) dynamic game-state-based sound synthesis with Tone.js.

You may also find something useful within my answers on StackOverflow.

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